Bachelor of Science in Economics

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Bachelor or Arts  w/Teacher Certification

What will I be studying?

Economics majors study many of the concepts of microeconomics, including firm structures, markets, market failures and price discrimination; and the macroeconomics concepts of inflation, unemployment, international trade and payments, and the effectiveness of government policy. Economists learn the tools for making efficient decisions in a broad range of areas.


Majoring in Economics

Often students are unaware that virtually all business degrees were derived from the study of economics. Marketing, management, finance, and even accounting are based on an understanding of economics and almost always require substantial course work in this field. The economics degree options at Missouri S&T offer students the opportunity to study business in a setting designed to produce maximum learning: small classes, each taught by a full-time, terminally degreed professor, using the latest in computer and business-related technology.

Students may earn either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics at Missouri S&T. The former requires 120 credit hours of course work. This includes 30 hours in economics and 12 hours each of social science, humanities and science course work. The B.A. degree also requires 17 hours of foreign language and history course work.

The B.S. degree requires the completion of 120 credit hours of study. In place of the language/history course work, it substitutes an additional 18 hours in science. Both mathematics and computer courses are counted as science at Missouri S&T.


Student Organizations

ESPO - Economics Student Professional Organization


Alpha Iota Delta - Honor Society


Actuarial Science Organization - (shared with Mathematics Department)