Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Economics
Bachelor of Arts in Economics


What will I be studying?

Economics majors study many of the concepts of microundergraduateprograms/economics, including firm structures, markets, market failures and price discrimination; and the macroeconomics concepts of inflation, unemployment, international trade and payments, and the effectiveness of government policy. Economists learn the tools for making efficient decisions in a broad range of areas. <<more information>>

Minoring in Economics

Students wishing to minor in economics may select from a variety of courses tailored to their own needs. Specific tracks are available in energy/technology or international economics. Students majoring in other disciplines are encouraged to develop a minor in economics. The formal minor in economics is designed to provide students with a solid understanding of economic principles and concepts and the ability to apply this knowledge to a host of economic, public policy and business problems. This program will be of particular benefit to those students whose major field of study may lead them to pursue a management position or later graduate studies in business.