What do Economics graduates do?

A Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics can be the opening to a successful career in many areas, including management, banking and finance and in the government. It is excellent preparation for professional degrees in law and advanced degrees in business.

Economics graduates are doing very well in the market now and salaries are generally higher than related fields such as business. Salary averages have risen and are around $59,057/year for Economics majors.

A Career in Economics

Many ask: What is a career in "Economics," or what can you do with an "Econ Degree"? The answer, "Just about anything!" Graduates are bankers, lawyers, stock brokers, actuaries, insurance executives, CEOs, and managers of the family business. Actually, economists work in all facets of all types of economics. Many of our undergraduates are dual enrolled and also becoming engineers or scientists too. Economics is exciting in itself and a nice complement to any other course of study.